Five: Monday, September 8

Five: Monday, September 8

1. Nike has a training and treatment plane

2. I ran behind her for about a mile then she left me as we climbed an insane hill ( I suppose I should report on my last 2 races)

3. Sadly, “crop-fit” race was canceled. (HT to Running is Funny) (I’m waiting for the day when the new fad on running is actually just running, no obstacles, no weight belts, just you and a course.)

4. Kara Goucher and Desi…

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Five: Wednesday, September 3

Five: Wednesday, September #runchat #runradar

1. 103 year old man challenges Usain Bolt to a race

2. This more a history of UltraAspire race vests and not a comprehensive history, but still a decent read

3. Don’t pants a US Marshall (HT to Running is Funny)

4. How soccer can make a runner faster

5. Can exercise cause ALS? (It can if you sustain multiple hits to the head, 2+ concussions heightens it)

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Five: Tuesday, August 26

Five: Tuesday, August 26

1. Race report from the Fat Dog 120 miler

2. This feels recycled, but still interesting still: celebrities who run

3. Will the 2-hour marathon happen sooner rather than later

4. Pete Larson reviews the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra 3 (I ran in the Sense 2’s last weekend and wasn’t pleased. I should’ve worn these)

5. Also from Pete: Asics shoe previews, including a Hoka-esque version

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