Five: Monday, July 21

Five: Wednesday, July 21#runchat #running #trailrunning #runradar

1. We are all guilty of impatience in training at some point

2.  Saw this over the weekend.  Thoughts?

3. You are starting your ultra way too fast.   (I am so guilty of this)

4. This is just like what Bart Yasso does at RW. So get ready to start running your “Keflezighi 800s”

5. Racing a train

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Five: Friday, July 18

Five: Friday, July 18 #running #runradar #runchat #trailrunning

1. Steve Speirs highlighted on Merrell’s website

2. Nice profile of Tim Olson, even though the race is over and he didn’t do as well as he hoped (but major kudos for finishing, when many elites would’ve dropped).

3. One of many reasons not to run hurdles

4. Homeless man prepares to run SF marathon.

5. Why wasn’t Meb’s Boston win up for an ESPY? (other than the fact the the ESPYs are a…

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Mizuno since 2010: Growing a brand and community (part 2)

Mizuno since 2010: Growing a brand and community (part 2) #mizuno #runchat #runradar #running @mizuno


To begin his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell wrote of the mystery of Roseto, a small Italian town to the south of Rome.  In the late 1890s, a small group Rosetans immigrated to the US and settled in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Over the next few decades hundreds more Rosetans moved to Bangor leaving the streets of Roseta virtually empty.  They built a community of friends and…

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Five: Tuesday, July 15